Lady Leader Lab

Curious about the lifestyle method?  Experiment in 5 modules, 15 lessons and plenty of education and tools for learning your body better.  Our Lady Leader Lab is a "playground" of self exploration so you can get a little peek into how we do make lifestyle modifications. Check it out. On me.

7 Modules


Self-identify your current level of body confidence and what your next steps and strategies should be going forward. 


Get the support and feedback you need to transform to your health and fitness. There's no reason to go it alone. We lift each other up and reach our goals faster with support. 

FREEDOM MINDSET - Love Your Self Strategies

Get your mind right and the body will follow...

CLEARLY understand how your mind affects your body and achieve your results without a negative outlook towards nutrition and exercise.

FEEDBACK & AWARENESS - Learn Your Body Strategies


FITNESS TRAINING - Lean Without Extremes Strategies

Explore and enjoy a couple complimentary workouts while also learning and getting a feel for the Lady Leader Lifestyle perspective.   

FAT LOSS NUTRITION - Lean Without Extremes Strategies

Why are we so fascinated and attracted to dieting?  Why are diets such a norm and a staple in our culture?  What is it that keeps us continually jumping on the next fad diet, despite them failing us over and over and over? Let's take a deeper look at the ugly side of dieting in order to help you understand these questions.

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